IML Employment Services can assist free zone companies with expanding their teams. Free Zone companies are restricted heavily on visa’s and also office space and this can come at a huge cost if you’re looking to expand. By Using IML ES as your visa provider not only do we take care of the whole visa process and HR and administration functions on your behalf, but we also off the benefit of ' peace of mind for your employees and yourselves'.

Employees on a free zone visa are not allowed to operate outside of the free zone they work in, and if caught doing so the employer and employee can be fined heavily which is something we want to help employers avoid, by having your employees sponsored by IML-ES.

our specialized license gives employees the freedom to work inside and outside of the free zones operating across the UAE and remaining compliant with UAE labour laws.


IML Employment Services is a member of the IML Group, which was founded over 20 years ago. The company is able to leverage the extensive regional network of the Group to recognise and respond to the requirements of different markets.
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