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manpower labour outsourcing IML Employment Services provide visa, legalisation, and HR services to clients in the UAE. IML has partnered with FSI Worldwide, a specialist in ethical recruitment and management of migrant workforces. Together, IML/FSI offer clients an unparalleled service for the employment of workers across a number of industries including construction, hospitality, security, and facilities management.

IML/FSI ensure that workers are protected from exploitation and recruited solely on merit with no demands for payments of illegal fees. Workers receive 100% of their salary on time every month. This results in happy, motivated workers, increased productivity and reduced costs.

IML/FSI own the process from the point of recruitment to the end of the employment cycle; no 3rd party agents or brokers are used. During recruitment, candidates go through a detailed interview process followed by language tests, skills tests and full background checks to ensure they are suitably qualified for the role.

Once in the UAE, IML/FSI take on all the detailed management and HR functions, reducing your administrative burdens and overheads, and making your cash flow manageable with one set monthly payment. On the ground visits combined with source country welfare management ensure workers remain content and eager to work.


Skill tested, qualified workers No fees paid by candidates International compliance Motivated productive workers


Pre-deployment briefing Source coutnry training Welfare management Regular worksite visits Dispute resolution


Visa & Legalisation Service WPS Payroll Management
All PRO facilites and services Medical, Labour Card, Gratuity Travel management
All for one low monthly payment. Reduce your costs and improve your cashflow

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