FSI WorkForce Solutions

FSI WorkForce Solutions

At FSI we believe that our clients deserve a more sustainable and robust manpower solution to enable them to remain competitive and effective in an expanding market. We understand in detail the challenges of recruiting migrant workforces in source countries, and we know the failings of a process founded on deception, false promises and exploitation of the most vulnerable and desperate. We know that industry constantly demands lower costs and better performance.

We know it’s not working

At FSI we understand the challenges of recruiting migrant workers for a wide range of industries. By refusing to compromise, and by not bowing to traditional methods and processes, we have partnered successfully with an increasing number of international, government and commercial clients. With worker productivity and efficiency at a fraction of other developed markets, manpower providers continue to inflate demand and collude in keeping high turnover in the temporary migrant labour market while maintaining lucrative revenue streams from the poorest and most disadvantaged candidates.

At FSI we ensure that workers are protected from exploitation and recruited fairly with no demands for payment, and no illegal placement fees or other charges. This enables us to attract the best candidates, secure in the knowledge that they are treated and respected as valuable assets to future employers. By owning the whole process from recruitment to deployment with no agents and brokers, FSI introduces real advantages for our Clients in this region. By getting the right people with no coercion, fraudulent practice or financial inducements we work with you to build effective teams with low turnover and the incentive to produce results.

We not only recruit the right personnel for our Clients we can also provide specific skills training for personnel in the home countries and advisory services for the management of temporary migrant workforces. We are also experts on workforce auditing helping our clients understand the cultural sensitivities of multinational workforces and effectively deal with labour issues from management challenges to workplace disputes.

FSI Worldwide was recognized at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2013 with the UN GIFT Award for leading international industries in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation of workers.

Delivering Excellence with Real Solutions

With networks of unaccountable agents, brokers and fixers, the extraction of fees including charging both candidates and clients for deployment costs the traditional manpower model has little concern for efficiency.

Because of the money that can be extracted from you and the worker, the interest is in keeping industry turning over new, workers who have been misled and tricked into entering huge financial burdens in the belief they are going to be better off. Like drug dealers creating demand, corrupt agencies offer placement fees and free recruitment to industry, all funded by debt loaded workers...

Together we are introducing clients to a more effective way of recruiting, building and retaining and workplace teams. No more dejected workers arriving in country, no more stories of exploitation and deceit. With some areas of the construction industry experiencing an annual turnover of up to 60% or more amongst the lower skilled workers, we are offering a more effective solution.

"…brought in 50 workers, who lasted 6 months before we had to get rid of them for being unproductive, disruptive and mired in debt. We were then offered another 50 to replace them… all requiring yet more visas and more cost to us!" (GM, UAE Construction Company 2013) The constant 'churn' of manpower that benefits no-one but the corrupt agent structure is cheap and addictive, with over-staffed projects relying on quantity rather than quality. With manpower representing up to 20% of overall project costs many of our clients are discovering that they are sustaining layers of padding and fat in a system that is designed to deliver mediocrity and create a regular demand for replacement of unproductive and unmotivated staff, all for the benefit of the recruitment agents and fixers.

Our outsourcing model ensures that you deal with just one wholly accountable team from the point of recruitment right throughout the management, welfare and entire employment life of the individual, all for a fixed monthly outlay. By including visa, medical and insurance costs as well as taking care of wages, travel and welfare, we are saving many industries significant savings while they concentrate on their core activities.


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